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The devil is in the details 😈



  • Save Time & Money

    It can take weeks or even months to resolve a PayPal dispute, with no guarantee it will be decided in your favor. In the event you do win, shipping the counterfeit item back to the seller can end up being very costly. Avoid the hassle and headache by Legit Checking your items by our industry experts before making your purchase.

  • Direct Communication

    Every single GrailGeeks Expert is a brand-specific authenticator. Most are enthusiasts themselves who have built experience through years and years of studying, buying, and selling pieces from their favorite designers. You have the opportunity to communicate directly with them. They will explain in detail why your item is authentic or inauthentic.

  • Peace of Mind

    The resale industry is growing exponentially everyday. Platforms like Grailed, eBay, Instagram, and FaceBook have allowed buyers and sellers to connect and transact with one another over the internet, usually creating an economical win-win scenario. However, scammers are exploiting this trend and counterfeit products continue to get better and better. We are here as your first line of defense.